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Restaurants Serving Germantown, Maryland

NEW **** - Amada Amante - 9755 Traville Gateway Drive Rockville, Md 20850 - Dinner - November 1st, 2007

Having moved into Potomac recently we were looking for a decent restaurant with a varied menu and relaxed elegance for those nights when a quick meal at home is to much work.

We know of various other restaurants in the area, but were told to pay this one a visit on the recommendation of a friend. And we were not disappointed.

The menu has a very nice variety of appetizers, entrées, and a wonderful assortment of desserts. You can dine at the bar, which we chose to do as the restaurant was packed to the rafters with a special evening devoted to a prix fixe dinner to market a wine producers latest products.

At first we were reluctant as we had wanted to sit, but not having had reservations beforehand we decided to stay.

The bartender was part sommelier, part butler, part host. He was briskly getting drink orders prepared for the restaurant patrons but nonetheless maintained a poised and effortless demeanor and attended to our every whim and desire in short order. One of the owner's himself, Jeremy, stopped by to greet us and welcome us to the restaurant and made us feel special.

I opted for a "simple" pizza which is offered on their bar menu having spied a fellow diner devouring his.

My partner had a peppered steak which I tasted. The meat was succulent, perfectly cooked at medium rare and served with home made mashed potatoes. To die for!

They have an extensive list of wines. Being a Pinot Noir fan myself and my wife a lover of Italian Chiantis we had two glasses of each. The wine was fresh (not as happens all too often that it has been "breathing" for a week and seems more suited to adding to a salad as vinegar.

We met another lovely couple who are regulars there and who make it their weekly date restaurant. In the end we exchanged numbers and have decided to meet at Amada every Friday evening.

I suppose this speaks to the friendly, happy and non-stuffiness of the place. We plan on returning this evening. It is refreshing to find a place that doesn't cut corners in service nor food. ...RP

NEW***** - Golden Bull Grande Cafe - 7 Dalamar St, Gaithersburg, MD. - Lunch & Dinner - Many times - 11/26/06
This restaurant is consistently serves some of the best food I've had, no matter what the selection or occasion. I've even gotten one of those "free dinner" seminars here, and it (the food, that is) was delightful. As the name suggests, they have beef, but they have much more - a varied menu of more of less "American" cuisine. And the plush decor creates a pleasant and quiet ambiance. Its a winner. ....JG

NEW ***** - Hot Breads Bakery Cafe - Lunch/Dinner - Kentlands - 70 Market St., Gaithersburg, MD - 06/10/2007
Great!!! Family owned bakery in KENTLANDS, a MOST TRY!!!. I recently went to Hotbreads and was pleasantly surprised. They have amazing cakes and pasteries so soft, moist and delicious. They also serve up great unusual wraps and sandwichs, like the tandoori wrap, which you most try. The atmosphere and people are also warm and friendly. MAKE SURE U TRY THEIR CAKES!!! I am so glad I finally have a family owned bakery in Kentlands. ....TS

NEW**** - Hot Breads Bakery Cafe - Lunch/Dinner - Kentlands - 70 Market Street - Gaithersburg, MD - June 2007
I recently went to Hotbreads and was pleasantly surprised. They have amazing cakes and pasteries so soft, moist and delicious. They also serve up great unusual wraps and sandwichs, like the tandoori wrap, which you most try!!! The atmosphere and people are also warm and friendly. I am so glad I finally have a family owned bakery in Kentlands.

NEW***** - Hershey's - 17030 Oakmont Ave - Washington Grove(Across RR tracks), Gaithersburg, MD. - Dinner - Many times (11/28/06)
I have to admit that I adjusted my rating to account for the price. This is not fine dining, but down-to-earth American style home cooking in a rustic setting. TV sets provide entertainment. When a train passes by, you'll know it. But once you discover this place, you are more likely to eat here than anywhere, because for less than $10 you can get a full meal. Service is relaxed and very friendly. The bar is popular with local groups. Families and seniors especially like the low prices for a solid menu. There are several specials every night of the week, and they vary. Its not fancy, but this is where you'll want to go if you just want dinner and don't feel like cooking. ...JG

NEW **** - Madras Palace - 74 Bureau Drive,Gaithersburg, MD - Dinner - July 27, 2007
It has always been a great dining experience at Madras Palace. If someone looking for a high quality,authentic Indian vegetarian food, it is the place in DC metro area. There is couple of other good Indian vegetarian restaurants in the area but in my view by far this is the best! For the quality of the food price is very nominal. Flaky paratha, crispy vada and flavorful chana and curries topped with cilantro leaves are really mouthwatering! One has to go for their buffet and will be overwhelmed with their variety! Their recently introduced Chinese Indian food is a real sizzling combination! Indeed, this is what made me write this review…

The ambiance and especially middle elevated area with cushion back seats gives you a feeling of first class/business class seating in airplanes. I often see them busy and that speaks to the quality of the food they serve! One amazing thing I noticed in this restaurant is even when the restaurant is full, you still enjoy a quiet and comfortable seating because there is ample of space and highly spread out seating!

No wonder why this restaurant is highly popular among Indian restaurants in this area! .....AM

***** - India Palace Bar and Tandoor - 19743 Frederick Road - Germantown MD - Dinner - 07/11/2006

I would say this was truly a wonderful experience. The food was excellent! Our server was very helpful in sugguesting things to try...and everything we try we wanted more of. You have to try the Palace Nann (wooow!) . I would highly recommend everyone to try. India Palace is now one of our favorite places to eat. ...TW

***** - India Palace Bar and Tandoor - 19743 Frederick Road - Germantown MD - Dinner - 05/30/06
I and my children like to go regularly to India Palace ( Germantown). It is excellent quality, family owned, a pleasant relaxed atmosphere. We particularly enjoy the vegetarian dishes.We have been going there since 2004. ...K

***** - India Palace Bar and Tandoor - 19743 Frederick Road - Germantown MD - Dinner - 05/19/06
Just to let everyone know if you are looking for a good indian restaurant try this one as the food, service,atmosphere are all superb.on top of all they have a nice lunch buffet everyday. ...SW

***** - India Palace Bar and Tandoor - 19743 Frederick Road - Germantown MD - Dinner - 04/01/06
Great Place We had dinner here this past weekend and it was wonderful. We dined with a family from Northern India and they declared that this was one of the best restaurants in the city. I had the chicken tikka masala which was flavorful and delicious. My boyfriend had the Chicken Madras which was amazing. Our dining companions split the saag paneer along with some other dishes and they were all great. The service was attentive and the atmosphere was nice. The bill was a bit high but we didn't mind due to the high quality of the food. I've been to Tandoori nights, Sitar Nights and lots of other Indian restaurants in the city and I think India palace Bar and Tandoor ranks quite high on the list. Check it out! ...LD

***** - India Palace Bar and Tandoor - 19743 Frederick Road - Germantown MD - LUNCH BUFFET - 04/07/06
The awsome food I simple loved the food here. The great food makes you feel as if you are actually in India. ...JM

**** - Amalfi Ristorante Italiano - 12307 Wilkins Avenue, Rockville, MD - March 2, 2006 - Dinner

My daughter recently planned a surprise party for me at Amalfi in Rockville. She reserved the private dining room for our planned party of 15 (the room holds 35, I think). Unfortunately, we were off on the head count and 28 people showed up (almost double)!! The Amalfi staff and management handled it very well, and seemlessly... before my daughter could even say anything to the staff, they had noticed the increased attendance and printed up the additional copies of the customized menu for our group, brought out additional appetizers, and had us seated in no time - all on a already busy night. Kudos and many thanks to them for pulling off what could have been a chaotic night - and all with a smile! ...S4B

**** - Ay! Jalisco - 8401 Snouffer School Road, East of Montgomery Village, Gaithersburg, MD. - Dinner - Many times (11/28/06)
One measure of a good Mexican Restaurant is who's doing the cooking and how many Mexicans eat there.. and this place is authentic all the way. I loved the appetizer sampler, which was enough to be dinner for two all by itself. They have all the traditional favorites, plus a varied menu of grilled items and house specials. All have been excellant. ...JG

**** Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse - Shady Grove & 270, Gaithersburg, MD, - Dinner - Often - 11/26/06
Its crowded so get their early to avoid awaiting for hours. They have a dining room filled with animate figures to entertain the kids, but its the food that draws the customers. Mostly steaks, but with some variations worth trying. Only once was I dissappointed, by a specialty drink that was delicious on the previous occasion, but swill the next. ...JG

**** - Cafe Mileto - Germantown - Dinner

We always go on Monday night. They have a special on pasta dishes only $2.00 for second person. Food is excellent, reasonally priced, and service is very good. ...CR

**** - Cafe Mileto - Germantown - Dinner

Neighborhood favorite, the lunch buffet is incredible. Get there early, steaming hot mussels, salads, fabulous pastas, stone-oven baked pizza and soups all for an incredibly low price. Staff is very friendly and remembers when you return. GC

**** - California Pizza Kitchen - Lunch & Dinner -Washingtonian Center,136 Boardwalk Place -Recently visited
I am so glad that CPK has just opened here. I look forward to visiting regularly. ...J

**** - California Pizza Kitchen - Dinner -Washingtonian Center,136 Boardwalk Place -4/22/06
Just had to share the wonderful meal we had last night. If you have kids, make sure you sign them up for the kids club (you can do it online or at the restaurant on a kids menu). Then, a few weeks before your childs birthday they will get a postcard in the mail for a free kids meal. We have 4 kids and 2 of them have their birthdays within the month of April. I brought along both of their free kids meal postcards and they let me use both for our meal!! My only complaint is that the kids pizza is too small! My 10 year old could have eaten 3 that size. However it was the perfect size for my 5 and 7 year old and a bit too big for my 2 year old. My 5 year old tried the alfredo sauce on the fusili and he said it was awesome, 10 stars!!!

I have a food allergy and the manager listened carefully and served my meal to be perfectly. This does not happen too often. It usually takes 2-3 attempts for a restaurant to get my meal right. At 99 cents it is a great bargain for the kids sundae. Rich delicious ice cream and hot fudge is awesome! The waitress and manager were top notch. We cant wait to go back there again soon! ...SL

* * * * was excellent - Crepes-A-GoGo - 514 Main Street Kentland, Gaithersburg, MD 20878 - Dinner - 03/17/06
Very great fresh meal you can see how to make it. Great service, warm hospitality, new place for light dessert and light dinner. I am coming back again with friends,
so good.... JM

**** - Five Guys Burgers and Fries - Germantown,Town Center - April 6, 2006 - Dinner
WOW!!! This place is amazing. My husband ordered a bacon cheeseburger with large fries. My husband is a big eater, but couldn't finish all of his!! I ordered a cheeseburger and regular fries and couldn't eat all mine either. The price is great and the food was even better!!! ...EEM

**** - Flavors Indian Restaurant - Gaithersburg, MD ,Darnestown Road - Dinner - Feb 16, 2006
We have eaten there several times. Food is the real thing; they even make their own bread and sauces. Grandmother and grandfather are there most nights keeping an eye on everything, making sure the recipes are like she makes them at home. Service is very good. Prices are very reasonable. ...WS

**** - India Place Bar and Tandoor - Fox Chapel Center Germantown - 19743 Frederick Road, Germantown Md - Dinner - 01/03/06
I've eaten at a lot of indian places and this by far one of the most impacting. The paintings added to the authenticity of the food. The service was dead on and you were treated as you were a part of royal family. Thumbs up as of Jan 2006!!!! ...OA

**** - India Palace Bar and Tandoor - Dinner - Fox Chapel,19743 Frederick Road - Lunch - 02/2/06

After reading the reviews about India Palace Bar and Tandoor, and loving good Indian food, my friend and I decided to try it out. Our experience was absolutely wonderful. It's bright and very pleasant. The food was the best we have ever had. Everything was perfect. We will be going back! Again and again and again!

**** - India Palce Bar and Tandoor - Fox Chapel Center,19743 FREDERICK ROAD - DINNER - 2/08/06
I love India Palace Bar and Tandoor Restaurant. I work in the area and have taken many colleagues and friends here and none have been disappointed. The food is excellent and the service is superb. All the waiting staff are extremely friendly and the food is carefully prepared and very well presented. The cuts of meat are clean and full - you never have to worry about what's actually hiding under that curry sauce. It's not the super authentic, somewhat grungy Indian food experience of Germantown, but if you are in search of an Indian restaurant that is a bit more refined and still not too expensive, this is definitely the place to go. ...SA

**** - India Palace Bar and Tandoor - Fox Chapel,19743 Frederick Road - Lunch - 02/14/06
I am a vegetarian. The India Palace Bar and Tandoor has great, perfectly-spiced, affordable food for me. I sip on tasty, hot chai all through the meal. The ambiance is wonderful. It is a very quiet, dimly-lit, romantically decorated restaurant which makes dining out the special experience it should be. The colors and textures and mirrors are elegant and provide an intimate atmosphere. Even when the room is full, you feel like you and your tablemates are in your own private space. It is unsurpassed as a date restaurant. The staff are friendly and interesting people. Indian music plays in the background quietly enough not to disturb, but it really enhances the mood of the restaurant. It is even warm enough inside so that you can eat with your coat off! Almost all the other restaurants where I have eaten in Montgomery County, no matter how pricy, are freezing! They leave the doors open for some strange reason so that almost all the diners have to eat with their coats on. I strongly recommend this one !! ...BS

**** - India Palace Bar and Tandoor - Fox Chapel,19743 Frederick Road - Lunch - 3/24/06
I ate here on 3/24/06 and this was my first experience with Indian food. I was very impressed by the very nice wait staff who explained everything very well and who were very friendly. The food I had was EXTREMELY hot so the fact that water was brought by often was very nice. It was a very romantic atmophere and I enjoyed eating here very much. I will be back again and encourage you to give it a shot! ...BS

**** - L'Oustalet - King Farm - 302 King Farm Blvd #110, Rockville, MD 20850 - Lunch/Dinner - May-July 2006

This is the restaurant any food lover would not want to miss and definitely a place for palate satisfaction. I have been there for at least 8 times in the last three months, and I am really amazed that they have a broad spectrum of menu, and no matter lunch or dinner- soup, appetizer, entree and dessert- every dish is impeccable and excellent. You really feel you are having a very pleasant conversation with food while eating them. The chef is not only a chef but also a food artist: he leads diners to explore and expand their tasting repertoire with impressive presentation of the dishes.

The atmosphere is very soothing and cozy and the service is excellent, they are always aware of what diners need without interruption. You feel you are in a "food spa"- you are relaxing with food.

If you are looking for a fine dining experience, L'Oustalet is definitely a place you should visit. ...JLT

**** - L'oustalet - King Farm - 302 King Farm Blvd #110, Rockville, MD 20850 - Lunch & Dinner - February 2006

Absolutely devine. The service and food were impeccable! Would highly suggest the seared foie gras, lamb, duck, & souffles. I would also suggest trying the specials of the evening and the prix fixed menu available for lunch for only $19.95! Great value for the prices in the menu. ...JR

**** - Laredo Grill - 347 Muddy Branch Rd., Gaithersburg, MD - DINNER - Many time (12/2/06)
This is an excellant small Mexican Restaurant. I eaten many of the dinner items, and all were great. The dessert flan is one of the best I've had. What really sets this one apart from some others in my mind, however, is that it is just a bit more formal than most, with linen tablecloths and a quiet intimate atmosphere. You really feel like you're dining out at a fine restaurant South of the Border. ....JG

**** - O'Donnell's - Kentlands - Lunch - Feb 2006
Seafood was outstanding. Atmosphere is very calming, service was good, staff was friendly and helpful. Just moved to Gaithersburg from California. Wonderful 'first restaurant' experience here. ...PB

**** - Red Robin - Germantown - Dinner - 3/25/06
The service wasn't the greatest, because we went on a Friday night, however the food was GREAT for that sort of resturant. We have visited twice and both times the food has been VERY yummy. A good choice for a family with a small child because it's so loud that others aren't disturbed by a yelling child. ...EEM

**** - Sakura - Germantown,corner of Middlebrook Rd and 355 - Dinner


I am not a food critic but I will do my best to express my opinion about our recent visit to Sakura restaurant. After a week of being snowed in and minor crisis, such as our family being stranded out of town and finally flew into town we wanted to celebrate our safe journey home and being together.

We decided Sakura would be the place to do that. The only hesitation was, would they accommodate a two-month-old baby, being that we would be seated in a table where the chef cooks our food and perform his flame the grill routine etc. Of course, they do offers family dining atmosphere. What I like about Sakura is the casual yet elegant style and the staffs are always so gracious and accommodating. The food was delicious as always with the same simplicity of Japanese dining. What makes them different than other Japanese restaurants we have been to, is the easy way the menu is set up with the meal laid out for us. It's spelled out how many courses we will get and the chef prepares and presents it in a very entertaining ways so we can eat and enjoy his company without even realizing when our meal was done and time for dessert, which we declined because there just was not enough room in our belly. I had the Filet Mignon, shrimp and scallop with chicken liver appetizer and fried rice, my family chose the filet mignons and N.Y. steak, which were all good. The steaks were tender at any temperatures and the scallops and shrimps were tender and all in all our experience were excellent. ...KM

**** - That's Amore - 15201 Shady Grove,Rockville - Dinner - 2/2/06
We started out with ordering a very nice wine from the extensive wine menu and calamari. The calamari was servered hot and cripy. Then my wife had a tradional Ceasar salad, very nice and fresh. I tried the Italian wedding soup and was pleasantly surprised. We both ahd Veal Caprese for main course. It was absolutely delightful, served with a light sage sause and perfectly prepared asparagus. We ended with Espresso and regular coffe. There was simply no room in our very satified stomachs for dessert. I would highly recommend That's Amore to all Italian Food Lovers. ... KB

**** - Willow Tree Inn - Montgomery Village Golf Club - 19550 Montgomery Village Ave, Montgomery Village, MD. - Dinner - Many times (11/27/06)
If you ever wondered what "dining at the country club" would be like, this is it. Except that its probably a darn sight better than most, and you don't have to be a member. This truly excellant restaurant with its large enclosed glass banquet room overlooking the golf course features impeccable service to go along with an outstanding menu. On the one hand its upscale dining, but dress is casual and prices are quite reasonable. Its tucked away off the main road, with little to advertise its presence, and lets keep it that way - our little secret. ...JG

**** - Ziki Japanese Steak House - Dinner - Multiple times - 10009 Fields Road, Washingtonion Center - Gaithersburg, Maryland

We sat at the hibatchi tables so the food was very fresh! The flavors were wonderful and you get a great show at the same time. It is very entertaining and great food. This would be a great first date because you sit near many other people and the cook is grea to break the ice! I recommend it to everyone and anyone! ...LR

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